What is the Style & Form blog all about?

Design is everywhere. Over the years design has evolved from just being available to the elite to being accessible by everyone everywhere. Now people are becoming more design-conscious and the emphasis is being placed on the importance of design. We have more choices than ever, more trends to follow, new inspirations and that can all get a bit confusing.

Who is Shahina? I am an Interior Designer, Stylist, and writer, based in West Yorkshire. I have always been drawn to the world of Art and Design. Coming from a rich and diverse Indian background and heritage, it was hard to avoid bright colours, pretty prints, and ornate furniture. It was all part and parcel of my life. Growing up I continued to explore my creative side through studying Textiles and Graphic Art, and eventually followed that exploration through with studying Interior Design. The idea to start this blog came after as a means to make Interior Design accessible for all, and also as a way to share what inspires me. 

The purpose of this blog is to make Interior Design more accessible and easy to understand. With current trends, room inspirations, mood boards, design tips, and more.


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