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Following on from the previous post, I thought of putting together a little 'Shop The Trend' highlighting some of my favorite products from the beige trend. Quite a few of you have said that you're ready to get behind beige and are looking forward to embracing this trend in all it's glory like we did with grey. The best way to ease into a new trend is to introduce small elements into our existing design styles. I'm not telling you to rip everything out, paint all the walls beige and start living in a horrible reincarnation of the 90's. Like I mentioned in my previous post, we're reinventing the colour beige this time round. It's been re-birthed for those of us with a modern and sophisticated

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One of the popular trends of the recent years has been the rise of the colour grey. It seems like we've taken over by grey interiors, to the point where it now seems boring. Truth be told I am getting particularly tired of all the grey. When the grey trend first started out as the offshoot of Scandinavian and Minimalist design styles, it was a breath of fresh air. Everyone found grey to be inspiring and refreshing, a brand new look and feel. But grey is now on it's way out, as well as white and monochrome interiors. Designers and brands are taking a step away from the cool neutrals and are now embracing the warmer colours. The colour palettes for the next few seasons are all embracing the na

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