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Sage Green, a colour that is not so typical and not so mainstream, is poised to take over the world of interior design. I say poised because it has been slowly simmering along for the past year or two. You might have come across Sage Green before, it has proven to be extremely popular within the Country and Mid Century design styles. Sage green is a gorgeous neutral, mellow and sophisticated shade of green, inspired by the herb of the same name. As we move slowly away the trend of grey neutrals, we are starting to embrace newer warmer shades to help create a perfect neutral base. Which is why we are seeing the rise of warm white, beige and brown. Sage green is one of those colours that we wo

Design Packages

Starting off the year with a little bit of self promotion. I don't think I've mentioned this in much detail here on the blog. For those of you who are new here, I am actually an Interior Designer by trade and I offer a variety of design packages to suit everyone's personal needs. Over time, i have found that people have different needs and they require and Interior Designer who is flexible. Not everyone is after a full all-inclusive Interior Design experience, sometimes you might just require some creative assistance to set you off on your design journey. I think Interior Design is quite a personal thing, especially residential design. Homeowners tend to want to enjoy the process of creating

It's The 20's!

Happy New Year and Happy 2020! If you didn't already know, I have a slight obsession with all things 1920 related. The jazz age was my ultimate decade, the whole Gatsby-esque aesthetic is without a doubt the best. So I am crazy happy to be living through my own version of the 20's, albeit a slightly modern version of it's predecessor. This is the first post for 2020 so I thought I'd just touch base and give you a quick little breakdown of some the content you can expect to see on Style & Form for the next year. I tried really hard to be consistent with writing blog posts last year. I remember I started off saying I was going to post twice a week, then I went down to once a week. Other commit

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