Grand Millenial - A Fresh Twist On An Old Take

One of the latest Interior Design style that has popped up on Instagram recently is a modern interpretation of 'granny chic', which has been aptly dubbed 'Grand Millennial' by House Beautiful. This modern spin off from granny chic is far more sophisticated and elegant than its mother style. Grand Millennial interior design has its own take and personality, whilst also drawing inspiration from the past. Timelessness is encapsulated beautifully by this design style and the nostalgic vibe is absolutely glorious. This fresh twist on an old take really does take story telling to a new level. Every element is carefully picked so it relates and works in harmony and balance with the next. It is all

Minimalist Home Office Spaces

This post contains some affiliate marketing links. Working from home is something we all seem to be doing at the moment. And it is looking like some people are getting used this flexible working environment and might continue with this arrangement going on. As someone who works from home, there are a few tips that I have picked up along the way to help maximise productivity and offer creative boosts. If your home office space is not optimised for work, it will become difficult for you to focus. For the best part it is ideal to have a little spot somewhere in your house reserved exclusively for working. It does not have to be a separate room, just a small corner in the living room, spare bedr

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