Quick Simple Ways To Restyle Your Bedroom

September 17, 2019

Every so often we need to have a little change up in our homes. Just a little restyle, something inexpensive and quick. The perfect time of year to do this is now, just after the summer months as we head into autumn and winter. The best thing about this is that we're not breaking the bank but we'll end up with a new refreshed home.


We're starting off with the bedroom this week, purely because that's where I've started myself this week. So here's a few tips and tricks that I've used to give my bedroom a quick refresh and restyle. 




D E C L U T T E R 

I feel like I'm constantly telling people to declutter but it's such an important part of restyling. Naturally in a restyling process you're keeping what you've got,but it does help to just streamline your belongings to make way for some new stuff. We accumulate a lot of stuff over the summer period and somehow it always ends up in our bedrooms. Declutter and get rid of what you no longer need, donate it, recycle it, or sell it off. This will just automatically open up your space.


P O L I S H  &  P A I N T

If we've been using our furniture for a few years it will start to look a bit tired and worn away. But investing in brand new bedroom is far too pricey for a restyle, so get the polish out and get to cleaning. Sometimes old furniture just needs a good old polish to bring it back to life. And if you're feeling really brave a quick lick of paint will give the face-lift that it needs. But to be honest a really good clean and polish really does work wonders, especially for flooring.


S O F T  F U R N I S H I N G S 

A quick and inexpensive way to bring an old bedroom back to life is to change up the bedding and curtains. Change up the colour, the pattern or the fabric. Be brave and experiment with different textures and patterns. Change the rug and buy a few new cushions and throws to set you of for the cold winter nights. Another way is to change your actual duvet and pillow inserts for a more plump and lush feeling.



If I what to change the atmosphere of a room, I immediately change up the lighting. Mood lighting is the perfect lighting for the winter months. So think about investing in a new lamp or two. Another way is to change the light bulbs in your existing light fixtures. Go for a lower wattage light bulb for a subtle and muted glow. Maybe consider changing white light bulbs to yellow light, it's warmer and less harsh which is perfect for dark winter nights.



Once I finished decluttering and got rid of things I didn't want, I was straight back out there buying a few new inexpensive accessories to make my room really pop. Small things like mirrors, candles, plants, and vases are the perfect way to introduce some of this seasons new products and designs without changing up your whole room. 



Hope these few tips will help you restyle and refresh your bedrooms, Feel free share your images on Instagram using the tag #styleandform. Next week is bathroom week. 



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